Industry 4.0 predicted 55 years back -Jetsons show

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January 3, 2022
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January 5, 2022

Industry 4.0 predicted 55 years back -Jetsons show

Industry 4.0 is transforming the factories into digital factories. Learn more on Industry 4.0 Megatrends. Digitization of manufacturing is taking place and multiple industries are starting to adopt. The invention of digital technologies and their impact on industrial growth is high as there is a digital transformation in the design, engineering, production operations and aftermarket as well in the industries. As Industry 4.0 technologies are recreating the world into a digital and on other hand, smart technologies are transforming the industries faster. Learn more on Industry 3.0 vs 4.0

These smart technology prototypes are already discovered in the famous English prime-time cartoon show called the Jetsons. There is an interlink between this show and Industry 4.0, over 55 years back, the things are not just the same. For instance- Technologies used in our homes and Industries. Let see how this show relates to Industry 4.0. 

The Jetsons is an old show (1960 to 1990s), but an innovative animated sitcom, that inspired the people in the world about the future. 

*Picture Reference – The Jetsons (TV Series 1962–1963)

Jetsons show concept is people live in housing in the sky, work a three-day workweek, drive aero cars that look like flying saucers, and have incredible conveniences that leave them with plenty of leisure time. George, his homemaker wife Jane, and their children, Judy and Elroy, also have a robotic maid named Rosie and a talking dog named Astro 

In this show, they framed and showed many technology models which are in use in today’s life like cleaning robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, smartwatches, jet packs, video calling options, and much more. 

In the same vein, in the Jetsons showed, the factory called Spacely Sprockets is owned by Spacely. And George Jetson is like Supervisor for the whole factory but work only a three-day workweek. He sits Infront of the network operational centre and analyzes the progress of the production and quality. When he finds any defects part or maintenance issues, he gets a notification for immediate actions. This is called data-driven manufacturing. 

When agreeing on the smartwatch, video Call, etc… is available today then data-driven/digital manufacturing is also available to make use of it for Industrial and business benefits. 

However, the thoughts and ideas proposed in this animated cartoon sitcom (Jetsons) are just similar to the industrial digital transformation that creates an impact on the growth of innovative technologies and Industry 4.0. In the coming years, Industrial growth expectations and technology use will skyrocket.  

The realization of adopting smart technologies for the industries and adding a cultural value to it will bring a greater change if leaders of Industrial Transformation efforts sharpen their thoughts from the same stone. 

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