The Factory Science Digital Academy- The State of the Art Training Facility for Industry 4.0

May 4, 2020

The Factory Science Digital Academy- The State of the Art Training Facility for Industry 4.0

Maxbyte Technologies has launched The Factory Science Digital Academy in Coimbatore. 

Industry 4.0 is changing the world with its advanced techniques and technologies, as of now, the growth that industry 4.0 attained is massive, the various industry right from manufacturing to construction, are adopting industry 4.0. Some important Industry 4.0 technologies that are in the rapid move are Artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics, autonomous robots, augmented reality, nanotechnology, cloud, and more. The machines are connected with sensors to the internet via internet protocol, where the data are collected from the sensors through the edge gateways and finally stored in the cloud, to view it on the portable devices (mobile, desktop, TV), so that the operational managers can take the valuable decision.  

The increasing growth of industry 4.0 is changing the trends in the career, as it creates a new type of job opportunities for people, so there is a need for industry professionals and students to adapt to these new technologies. 

The world economic forum says that the industry opportunities, and “35% of the core skills will change “so the industry needs to update their skills and the smart technologies. 

Therefore, Maxbyte has initiated THE FACTORY SCIENCE platform for 2 years, the industry professionals, industry people, and students can learn Industry 4.0. 

Now, Maxbyte has updated THE FACTORY SCIENCE to the next path of success that is Digital Academy, yes, any industry peoples, students can learn the industry 4.0 on both offline and online.  

As I mentioned earlier, there is a need to update ourselves to the current trends, because the career growth opportunities and the technology trends are changed and even going to change in the upcoming years, so transforming yourselves and industries to the next extent is a must, let’s learn and grow together. 

 THE FACTORY SCIENCE digital academy moto is upskilling the industry professionals, students to get premium jobs in industry 4.0. 

September 02/09/2021- we virtually inaugurated Maxbyte Technologies The Factory Science Digital Academy Coimbatore Facility in the presence of the Eminent Chief Guests Mr. Manas Panda Director at Software Technology Parks of India, Bhuvaneshwar, Dr. Jayaraman Radhakrishnan, Member Secretary of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Tamil Nadu, Mr. A.N. CHANDRAMOULI (Mouli) CEO at ANCM Management Consulting | Chairman of Industry 4.0 Expert Committee at Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce, delegates, manufacturing companies and fellow members of Maxbyte. And this virtual event was hosted by Mr. Ramshankar C S, CEO at Maxbyte, Mr. Angamuthu Subramanian, Industry 4.0 Skill Development Advisor of The Factory Science at Maxbyte, and Ms. Revathy Jayakumar, Product Owner of The Factory Science at Maxbyte, and other members of Maxbyte.  

About Maxbyte 

Maxbyte Technologies Private Limited is a smart manufacturing solutions provider with Products and Services that enable digital engineering, operations, and services to improve productivity, improve quality, reduce cost and help towards an eco-friendly environment. Maxbyte Products and Services provide an end to end digital technology solutions from sensors, communication gateways, cloud, SaaS applications, and analytics to help companies undergo their digital transformation journey smoothly and successfully. Learn more at

A detailed view 

Why THE FACTORY SCIENCE Digital Academy program? 

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Are we ready for industry 4.0, its challenges, and its future trends? 

Are we ready with the industry 4.0 learning development to build your Gen Z for the factory of the future needs? 

Are we ready with Industry 4.0 learning development to upskill existing employees and onboard Gen Z from the institute? 

To solve the above queries and to upskill the industry professionals/peoples & students, the FACTORY SCIENCE Digital Academy has started. 

The Factory Science Digital Academy Coimbatore Facility is for a comprehensive Diploma program with Experiential & Hands-on learning on Industrial Digital / Industry 4.0. The goal of this program is to upskill the industry working professionals for new career development and students for premium jobs in industry 4.0. 

The Factory Science Digital Academy is a unique opportunity in experiential learning directly from thought leaders, industrial professionals & business leaders. One-stop solution to upskill all roles from the shop floor to the top floor in a manufacturing industry. 


  • 4 program levels
  • 8 courses
  • 2 months of intense online hands-on training 
  • Job Endorsement 
  • Internship  
  • Job assistance and job opportunities based on training performance
  • 200+ hours of training 
  • Digital SEMs as Instructors 

Courses offered for career transformation 

  • IIoT Foundation
  • Manufacturing Digitization Management 
  • OT-IT Integration 
  • IIoT Platform 
  • Industrial Data Science 
  • Augmented reality development for smart connected product lifecycle 
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The FACTORY SCIENCE has three sections, they are 

We educate Industry 4.0 to Upskill 1 million aspiring professionals in Industry 4.0 in the next 10 years. 

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The learning framework of THE FACTORY SCIENCE is mainly on four steps EXPERIENCE, LEARN, EXPERIMENT, ADPOT. 

So join the course and upgrade yourself to the industry 4.0 specialist, the course starts on September 06. 

The online program includes video lectures, discussions, live online teaching sessions and assignments. We expect learners to dedicate 4 – 6 hours per week, over the 10 weeks of the program. Throughout the program, you will explore industrial digitization, from what it is and where to start it, to how to implement it, new strategies of the digital revolution. 

This state of the art facility will be the reference for the other learning go-to-market partners and other upcoming facilities of The Factory Science across the globe. Learn More:

Live tour – To gain the live experience from The Factory Science Digital Academy, explore our 3D space.