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Experience, create awareness, build roadmap, and educate transformation approach of the current traditional manufacturing towards connected, visible, transparent, predictable, and autonomous for operational excellence.

Program starts from 6th September 2021

Register before 3rd July 2021. Limited seats only.

Who is this program designed for?

Key outcome of this Manufacturing Digitization Management program will help the following professionals to prepare the digital manufacturing transformation approach for their organisation and to kick-start or restart or rethink data-driven manufacturing initiative for effective business impacts. We encourage the companies to nominate the cross functional teams participation in this program for the effective results.
Production Managers or Engineer
Quality Managers or Engineer
Maintenance Managers or Engineer
Process / Manufacturing Engineering Managers
Manufacturing IT or Digital Managers

How does this program work?

Live Sessions

8 hours of online live sessions


4+ hours of mentors guided sessions


6+ hours of assignment on tools and frameworks

Project Day & Graduation

Present, get reviews and guidance from the digitization practitioners

Our experts for this program

It's more than a webinar!

What our learners say

The Factory Science - Manufacturing Digitization Management online certification course has been taken by 300+ global manufacturing and academic professionals.
  • R V S S Prasad Head marketing
    "Easy to use, very detailed and voice over with more details."
    R V S S Prasad Head marketing
    Pavani Engineers, India
  • Abdulaziz Baras Senior manager
    "Comprehensive and very informative content."
    Abdulaziz Baras Senior manager
    IC, Saudi
  • Vigneshwar Sharma, Student
    "It is a go-to material for any digitisation professional."
    Vigneshwar Sharma, Student
    Management development institute Murshidabad, India
  • Tushar Dhote Asst. Manager - ME
    "Good content, the UI was also good. Creative way of learning. Definitely lot of efforts have been taken by your team and the outcome has been exceptional."
    Tushar Dhote Asst. Manager - ME
    Blue Star Ltd, India
  • Surya Vamsi Miriyala, Manufacturing Engineer
    "My successful completion of The Factory Science - Manufacturing Digitization Management certification program helping me to understand the IIoT/Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies and I am able to relate well with my industry 4.0 projects."
    Surya Vamsi Miriyala, Manufacturing Engineer

Are you ready to enhance your profession to manage manufacturing digitization?

Your investment in this program fee is $250 only inclusive of all taxes.

Investment less than companies send their teams to a conference
Helps to close gaps in your strategy & create alignment across teams
Helps to identify, communicate & address pitfalls in digitization activities
Makes you proficient in managing complex digitization activities

How to join this program?

Interested candidates need to submit the application for this program and will get preliminary assessment and know-how call for 30 mins with our team to join this program

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Attend program briefing & preliminary assessment

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