What Our Learners Say

Our learners use The Factory Science every time for their career upgarde and efficient digitization implementation.


A unique opportunity in experiential learning directly from thought leaders, industrial professionals & business leaders. One stop solution to upskill all roles from shop floor to top floor in a manufacturing industry.

The online program includes video lectures, discussions, live online teaching sessions and assignments. We expect learners to dedicate 4 – 6 hours per week, over the 10 weeks of the program. Throughout the program, you will explore the industrial digitization, from what it is and where to start it, to how to implement it, new strategies of digital revolution.

What you will learn in detail for your career transformation

  • IIoT Foundation
  • Manufacturing Digitization Management
  • OT-IT Integration
  • IIoT Platform
  • Industrial Data Science
  • Augmented reality development for smart connected product lifecycle
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