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virtual reality
Virtual Reality (VR) Based Training for Operation Safety
January 12, 2022
virtual reality
Virtual Reality (VR) Based Training for Operation Safety
January 12, 2022

Augmented reality need is constantly increasing across multiple industries/manufacturing sectors for its effective remote expert guidance and its supporting features. It helps the industrial workforce or the service technicians to solve the issues that arise on the shop floor at the right time with proper instructions and guidance through virtual AR expert guidance/support.  

Before the arrival of AR, the experts have to go to the field for fixing the tedious issues, and the workforce is instructed with the paper manuals and the complex technical diagrams.   

However, Augmented reality is changing the way the industries work, bringing a greater impact across multiple industries and supporting the workforce to complete their assigned tasks rapidly and efficiently by getting the AR remote expert guidance.  

AR-based remote expert guidance support  

Augmented reality remote expert guidance is an innovative solution that allows the experts or Subject matter experts to guide the clients/customers or the technical maintenance workers in the industries to connect visually and work collaboratively to fix the issues.  

When the clients, the technician or the maintenance workers on the shop floor face issues, they can contact the experts for solving the issues virtually through the AR-based remote expert guidance, the experts can guide with the AR support features using the streaming HD video and the manual sketches on the video, therefore this allows the experts to analyze the problem, and to guide and also delivering them a solution in the real-time.  

Smartphones or tablets, as well as augmented reality glasses, can be used to accomplish this process.  

– Expert diagnosis and guidance on-demand  

– Real-time communications to connect field technicians with expert  

– Digital annotations for an expert to give the technician step-by-step process & ad-hoc instructions  

– Report – Overview of all open, in-progress and closed incidents  

– Live video stream option for connecting experts for better communication  


Augmented reality remote assistance is providing various benefits like  

  • Increases efficiency and field service productivity  
  • Reducing the downtime  
  • Cost-effective and faster preventive maintenance  
  • Improves safety and ensures on-time deliveries  
  • Customer satisfaction is improved as a result of successful deployments  
  • Knowledge sharing and real-time support assistance  
  • Expert travel costs are lowered, and the meantime to resolve issues is shorter.  

Many industries are applying Augmented Reality in their factories for its immense benefits and AR remote guidance support and however, it will be an effective solution to the manufacturing industries.  

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